Comprehensive Business Solutions

Comprehensive Business Solutions for Energy Management, Operational Efficiency, Corporate and Project Management, and Sales and Communication Content.

ESS Consulting Group offers a unique, industry-leading, and single-source approach to energy efficiency, management, and communication. We do the evaluation, manage the project, and create the report all in one.

Call us if you need a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation of your energy expenditures or want to reduce your energy use through one of our no-upfront-cost performance projects. Call us if you need to develop reports of internal processes or project evaluations or if you need to improve the content of your brochures, manuals, website, or other written documents. We are experts in both evaluation and auditing processes and the reporting of that data in a useful and comprehensive manner. ESS Consulting Group is your single-source for exceptional business outreach!
We have a team of industry-leading partners and service providers:

ESS Consulting Group

Complete Energy Master Planning

Energy Information Database

  • Utility Account Management
  • Energy Information and Data Administration
  • Rate and Surcharge Validation (Utility Bill/Meter Read Validation)
  • Utility Tariff Analysis
  • Operational Benchmarking
  • Performance Contracting Validation
  • Budget Forecasting
  • Energy Consumption Dashboard

Energy Procurement

  • Client-Specific Strategy Development
  • RFP Management
  • Account Maintenance and Risk Management
  • Contract and Supplier Administration

Energy Efficiency

  • Peak Load Contribution Management
  • Demand Response Management
  • Demand Management
  • EnergyStar® Implementation
  • Portfolio Manager™ Administration
  • Facility and Operations Energy Auditing
  • Electric Load Evaluation
  • Lighting, Controls, HVAC, Water System Analysis
  • Building Envelope and Technical Support

Energy Building Automation Systems Solutions

  • Evaluation and Project Development
  • CO2 Ventilation Monitors, Motor and Motion Controls
  • Automation and Seamless Integration Controls
  • Lighting and HVAC

Energy Awareness

  • Culture Development
  • On-Site Training for Staff and Students
  • Hand-Outs, Energy Teams, Fairs, Clubs, and Energy Assemblies

Professional Communications

  • Sales, Marketing, and Brand Management
  • Proposal, Research, Auditing, and Report Writing
  • B-to-B and Corporate Content
  • Professional, Journalistic, and Creative Content
  • Speech and Presentation Development
  • Manufacturer Representation
  • Sales and Professional Representation
    (Products, Services, Conventions, Expositions, Converences, Booth Displays, etc.)

ESS Communications