The Executive Energy Partnership

Executive Energy Services is a leader in energy procurement and efficiency improvement with a wide range of clients from schools and municipalities to retail companies and large manufacturers. We focus on the client's individual needs, building an energy management strategy that exceeds their expectations through Commodity Management Services, Energy Awareness programs, Demand Side Management, Efficiency Evaluation, and Systems Improvement. .


Executive Energy has a technical approach to transferring customers from bundled utility to more advanced purchasing strategies. To maximize energy market opportunities; we gather data, analyze rates and apply market research.  Unlike many third-party suppliers currently selling energy, we are NOT selling a commodity; we are representing you, our customer, in the strategic sourcing of energy.

For two decades, we have procured and managed for our customers literally millions of cubic feet of natural gas and kilowatt-hours of electricity.


Executive Energy Services is a single point of contact and will manage all customer service related processes. We will work with Contract, Legal, Accounting and Delivery to be sure the product is delivered as contracted. Executive Energy Services provides a researched return on investment focusing on:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Analysis
  • Business Plan Development
  • Budget preparation
  • Develop/review financial pro-formas


Executive has an agency agreement with the leading Demand Side Management organizations in the Country. Our mission is to help institutions and businesses improve their facilities by using less energy, paying less for that energy; and ensuring reliable, high-quality power for critical operations:

  • Energy Survey to determine current conditions and future opportunities
  • Lighting, Heating and Cooling Controls
  • Boiler and air conditioning equipment
  • Steam, water and air distribution systems
  • Condition of building envelope
  • Electric equipment load evaluation - computers, vending machines, appliances, etc.

We provides these consulting services and engineered solutions to government, education, healthcare and other institutions nationwide; often saving 15 – 35 percent in energy costs.


Changing your behavior and making a commitment to improving energy efficiency can be achieved through an Energy Awareness program.  Our program can save up to 10% off your energy budgets.

Executive Energy Management National Outreach
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Why Partner with Executive Energy and the ESS Consulting Group

Executive Energy works on behalf of the client.
  • Energy markets are transitioning to deregulation and there are cost savings opportunities versus utility prices; however, you want to partner with energy experts…not sales brokers.
  • Executive Energy establishes superior relationships with our business partners.
  • Cost is NOT enough; organizations must find ways to “Reduce the energy used”.
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