Rising to the Efficiency Challenge

Letter to our customers, clients, provider-partners and stakeholders

Our mission is to bring unique, single-source facility and operations solutions to our clients.  However, ESS realizes that in doing so, we have to be aware of our affect on our world.  We cannot be successful in our endeavors if we are not focused on the footprint we leave within our environment, communities, businesses and families. 

The global economic downturn put unforeseen pressure on energy demand; however it did not extinguish the aspirations of today's developing nations or the needs of the billions of people who live there. Because of this, global demand is projected to be one-third greater in two decades. The implications for our leaders, industries and consumers will be significant. As the debate over the components of a sustainable energy future rages; oil, natural gas and electricity production remain at the forefront of many important issues—from security and climate change to human rights. Regardless, the efficient use of current systems, processes and resources is key to transitioning successfully to a better energy matrix. Achieving the goal of sustainability requires that ESS effectively engage the complex social, economic and environmental issues faced every day as a global member; while also enhancing our primary responsibility – helping our business partners and communities improve the efficiencies of their facilities and operations.

We will continue to emphasize today’s integrated solutions to major energy challenges; all the while researching innovative new technologies.  We will remain committed to ethical practices; to the goal of respecting human rights and to being a positive force in the development of the communities where we operate.  We will work to engage those who participate in constructive, growth-oriented partnerships that address energy challenges and help gain sustainable benefits.  And we will work to set and accomplish goals determined through the evaluation of challenges brought forth by our many professional partnerships.

To this end, we have already begun building our 2011 Corporate Responsibility ReportAs we partner with clients to bring solutions to their facility and operations needs, we will improve protocols within our energy awareness and education programs, systems and process technologies, and disaster mitigation and remediation solutions.  We will also develop association and industry protocols, alternative energy improvements and ideas; and business, community and social processes and concepts.  As we do, we will build the 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report here and use it to drive ESS forward.

We hope you find our 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report useful in understanding how the ESS Consulting Group is engaging its mission and visit it often.  We welcome any comments you may have.

Ed Bernardi