Achieve the Goal!

Meeting that challenge of global sustainability means being good stewards of not only our businesses, but also our communities. One way ESS feels this can be accomplished is by creating a 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report. This report will help guide us in everything we do; from how we conduct our business to the philanthropic endeavors in which we engage.

By being good stewards, getting involved and giving back…we believe we will have a positive impact on our industries, our communities, our families and ourselves. The ESS Consulting Group is committed to this endeavor and will strive to develop improved community and social concepts and practices.

Also important in having a positive impact on our communities is staying in touch with the events that shape them. Below are links that will keep you informed when it comes to events in our industry.

And lastly, being good members of our communities means running good businesses. As we partner with clients to bring solutions to their facility and operations needs, we will improve protocols within our energy awareness and education programs, systems and process technologies, and disaster mitigation and remediation solutions. We will also strive to develop corporate, association and industry protocols and policies; and alternative energy improvements and ideas.

Below are links that will detail the standards by which we operate and evaluate our practices every day (more coming soon!):

  • News
  • Industry and Associations
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Energy and Infrastructure