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ESS Consulting Group offers a unique, industry-leading and single-source approach to facility and operations management solutions; helping your business source and use its energy and system controls more effectively, improve its automation and security; and restore its facilities after a disaster.  We partner with you to represent you in the market-place to find the best solution.  WE ARE CONSULTANTS.  Whether dealing with your insurance company on a water or smoke remediation, or procuring your gas or electricity from a supplier; it’s your best interest that drives us.

Ed Bernardi, the president of the ESS Group, has been consulting with clients and addressing their unique business needs for over two decades.  He has been Vice President of an industrial supply company as well as Midwest Business Development Manager for a building material distributor.  He has been appointed Chair of his industry association annual event, has won a number of professional awards including National Salesperson of the Year, as well as partnering to win the top national sales award for a brand-leading manufacturer; helping that company win Vendor of the Year from the country’s largest distributor of its product.  A student-athlete at Hillsdale College where he earned a degree in Business Communication, he is a native of Fair Haven, Michigan and has two children who are collegiate student-athletes in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The ESS Group is also a partnership; a team of three industry-leading service providers who bring this unique, single-source approach to facility and operations solutions:


Energy Management programs for procurement; strategic planning and budgeting; efficiency assessment, evaluation and usage reduction; and awareness, education and monitoring.


System controls, automation and security improvement through scalable, open-framework integration using the industries leading providers of building infrastructure technology.


24-hour disaster mitigation, remediation and specialty cleaning for residential, commercial and industrial facilities; specializing in the restoration categories of: water & flood, fire & smoke, mold, odor & trauma, specialty & industrial, and electronics & appliances.


  • Certified Energy Managers
  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineers
  • Automation, Controls & Security Specialists
  • IICRC Certified Mitigation Experts
  • Licensed Residential Builders


We have exceeded the expectations of such important clients as Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Alro Steel, Comerica Park, The Toronto Zoo, the Oakland County Intermediate School District, the Detroit Medical Center, Olga's Restaurants, Exxon-Mobil's Imperial Oil Refinery and thousands of satisfied homeowners.

So now, whether you need a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation of your energy bills; need to reduce your energy costs through one of our no-upfront Performance Projects in energy procurement or management; wish to upgrade or integrate your facility's system automation, software, controls or security; or need to restore your home or business after a water, fire, mold or other disaster; ESS is your single-source for exceptional Facility and Operations Solutions!

These companies trust ESS to provide their industry-leading products and services...you should too.
  • Testimonials

    “ESS is a high energy group that will stop at nothing to get the job done. They are professional in mannerism and pleasant to spend time with. I have known ESS for about 10 years---whenever they put their mind to something, they will complete that task with shining colors.”

    Vice President of $70-Million company
    (letter on file)

    “ESS has a high-energy, quick-thinking and confident professional team. They know their stuff and the best way to present it. If you are looking for a "hunter" as opposed to a "farmer", then ESS is your team. They bring "life" to the entire process - I highly recommend them."

    National Sales Manager of $70-Million company
    (letter on file)

    "You Rock! Your evaluation and recommendations absolutely improved the professionalism of our documents and received rave reviews from our clients."

    Director of college outreach program
    (letter on file)